My Experience with Tupperware Warranty Replacement

This post is not sponsored by Tupperware. I simply love and use this product frequently. I’ve seen some negative reviews of Tupperware’s warranty replacement service, so I want to share my experience here.

My little workhorse salad spinner developed some cracks in the lid after doing 20 years of hard time in my kitchen. I remembered that it might be replaced under warranty so I decided to investigate. I went to the Tupperware website and found that I could submit a warranty request online.

The damage to my lid (cracking) is damage that they cover. After I created an account they asked me to enter the mold number of my lid. The mold number is a microscopic number hidden somewhere on the product. In my case, it was 3092B-2. (You might need a magnifying glass to read it; that B sure looked like an 8 to me.)

Magnified x 6

Next you get to select the color of the replacement product. This is my only quibble with the process and it is a minor one. My options for colors were “salt water” or “sea green” and you don’t get to see the colors to select them. After a quick internet search to see if I could find the color name of my ancient product, I just picked one because, what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Will you Tupperware-shame me if my lid is mismatched? Spoiler alert: I picked the wrong color.

After that escapade, I uploaded a photo so that they could see the damage. They use this to determine eligibility for replacement under warranty. (Don’t throw your item out after you take a photo, they might ask you to send it back to them for further inspection.) I took the option to explain the damage and pointed out that my lid was cracked at approximately 9:00, noon and 3:00 if you imagine that it is a clock face.

I then entered payment information to cover the cost of shipping the replacement, about $6.00. You are not charged until they ship your item. One pleasant surprise in this process was that they kept me informed of the progress of my claim. The speed of processing was amazing too. I submitted my warranty request on a Saturday and my new product was delivered the following Friday.

So that’s the difference between salt water and sea green!

Overall, I’m very pleased with the experience and ready to use this new lid for the next twenty+ years.

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