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Make a Pumpkin Pie Bunting

How fun is this little bunting?! I decided to write a tutorial so that you can make one (or a million) too!

For each 8 slice bunting, you will need the following materials:

Kunin ‘Pumpkin Spice’ felt sheets – 1 sheet per bunting, bought at Joann Fabrics
Kunin ‘Cashmere Tan’ felt sheets – 2 sheets per bunting, bought at Joann Fabrics
Clear Tacky Glue
Hot Glue – I use mini glue guns for small projects like this one.
Scissors – I use mine for fabric only. They stay sharp for years this way.
Twine – Raid the garage, any twine will do. Cut to 8′ length.
1″ White Pom Poms – You’ll need one for each slice of pie. I used store bought; but tiny, hand made poms would be darling.

To make the pie slice template: Cut a piece of chipboard or heavy cardstock into a 3″ x 4″ rectangle. Find and mark the center of one 3″ end.

Draw lines from the opposite corners to create the triangle, as shown.

Curve the crust end of the template just slightly; use a small saucer as a guide, if you like.

Using your fancy-schmancy template, cut eight slices each of cashmere tan and pumpkin spice. Glue each slice of pumpkin spice onto a slice of cashmere tan, using clear tacky glue. (The glue is important. I tried white tacky glue and it seeped through the felt and was visible when dried. #craftfail #tragic)

We’ll trim the sides of the slices later, so avoid gluing all the way to the edge. (Dried glue is difficult to cut through and shows between the layers of felt.) Dot the center of each slice with glue so the weight of the pom pom doesn’t pull it loose.

Don’t worry about lining the edges up perfectly. Set the slices aside to dry.

For the pie crust: Starting on the long side of the felt sheet in cashmere tan, cut strips in gentle waves slightly narrower than .5″ wide. Repeat until you have six strips total.

Lay the strips out, and then flip every other strip over so the waves are opposite one another as shown below.

Overlap the ends of each set of two strips. Using hot glue, dot the ends and press together in a narrow “v” shape.

Once the glue has set, start to lay the strips over each other without twisting them. As you work, dot the underside between the strips with hot glue. I glued every second overlap. Be sure to burn off your fingerprints with the hot glue. I don’t think you can call yourself a crafter if you don’t. (Of course, I’m kidding. Please take care when crafting dangerously.)

Continue overlapping and dotting the underside with glue until you reach the end of the strips, then glue the end closed. The strips should lay fairly flat. You’ll need three complete strips for the eight slice bunting.

Use the template to trim the sides of the now dried, pie slices.

Find the center of the length of twine and place it between two pie slices spaced 1.5″ from each other. Using hot glue, quickly glue the twine down. Spacing evenly, work outward from the center, adding three more slices on each side.

Next, glue sections of pie crust trim to the top of each pie slice. Leave a little excess overhanging the edges.

Turn the bunting over and cut off the excess crust. Take care not to cut the twine accidentally! If the cut ends of the trim are loose, dot hot glue on to secure.

Hot glue a white pom pom to the center of each slice for the dollop of cream, then hang your bunting! Mine is just wide enough to span the front of the Hoosier cabinet.

See that cute little tractor? I’m gossiping about it on Instagram today. Join me!

Whether you are travelling for the holiday or staying hygged up at home, I hope your Thanksgiving celebration is a happy one.

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