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Summertime Cookies: Flip-Flops and Ice Cream Cones

Are you all worn out from the Fourth of July? Did you stay up too late watching the fireworks? Our local fireworks were postponed due to thunderstorms, so we stayed up too late watching a movie. If you still have a pool party or backyard BBQ (or several!) to attend over the weekend, bring these cute treats for the dessert table.

These cookies are a simple project for kids to make! My niece decorated these while we were at the beach. For both cookies, she piped the frosting using a medium sized, round decorator tip.

Flip Flop Cookies
Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
Icing – We used Wilton decorating icing in yellow
Small, decorative candies – Any tiny candy will work here. Well, maybe not those candy eyeballs! But, just about anything else.

Pipe the straps for the flip flops onto the cookies in an exaggerated “Y” shape. Place the decorative candy in the center of the strap. So easy!

Ice Cream Cone Cookies
Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
Icing – We used Wilton decorating icing in pink
Tiny, round sprinkles and small, round red candies (I used Jelly Belly jelly beans sliced in half. Cinnamon red hots would work as well.)

Spread or pipe the frosting in a circle on one end of the cookie, make those sprinkles fall like rain on the icing, then place the “cherry” on top. Done!

And….if you get tired of decorating cookies, you can always decorate the plate!

I hope your summer is off to a great start!

I’m not in partnership with any brands referenced in this post. I simply enjoy their products, and I hope you will too!

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Sweet Summertime Treats

Happy First Day of Summer! This post is brought to you by ALL the gluten and sugar. Yes, this is quite a departure from my usual low carb posts, but I have co-workers and family who are willing to taste-test! These cupcakes and cookies are perfect for those summer birthday parties, cookouts and pool parties.

These are the pastry decorators and tips that I used. I prefer the plastic decorator over the vintage, aluminum one, because the plastic handle plunges more smoothly.

See those tiny teeth marks on the table?
They were made by my niece when she was three and the perfect height for table-gnawing.
She turned this piece of furniture into a family heirloom!

Clam Shell Cookies
Did you know that clams can make pearls? They are not as prolific as oysters, but they make them as well!

Is it just me, or do these pearls look like tongue piercings to you, too?

Materials: Shell shaped cookies (two for each completed clam shell), white frosting, candy pearls, blue food color, mini chocolate chips, pastry decorating kit with star tip and medium round tip

Divide the cookies into tops and bottoms. The tops will face up, and the bottoms will face down. Using white frosting and the round tip, pipe dots for eyes onto the top cookies. Press a mini chocolate chip into the frosting circles. Tint the remaining frosting pale blue. With a star tip, pipe the frosting onto the bottom cookie in waves. Pipe a second row of waves on top and a thin row of frosting along the back of the cookie.

Top with the upper cookie, positioning it so that the clam shell appears to be hinged in the back. Place the pearl candy in the frosting on the front of the cookie.

Sea Turtles
Materials: Cupcakes in tan papers or sleeves (unbleached parchment papers would be great), white frosting, peach ring candies, assorted gumdrops, candy fruit slices, mini chocolate chips or gummy blackberries, pastry decorating kit with star tip and small round tip

I followed the instructions linked here, except that I do not have a fondant cutter. Any cookie cutter with a small, rounded shape will do. Santa’s sack worked just fine. For eyes, I piped the tiniest dot of white frosting onto each side of the head. Then I pressed on a drupelet (learned a new word!) from a gummy blackberry.

Pirate Ships
Materials: Cupcakes in pirate themed papers, 6″ wooden skewers, decorative paper of your choosing, washi tape, scissors, small hole punch, (I found that a regular size hole punch was too large. If you don’t have a small hole punch, you could carefully cut slits in the sail using an x-acto knife.) pastry decorating kit with star tip

Cut scrapbook paper to 2.5″H x 2.25″W. Trim into sail shapes as pictured. Punch small holes into the sails, top and bottom. Fold washi tape over the skewer at the blunt end and press to seal. Trim the tape into triangle flags. Slide the sail onto the skewer below the flag.

Using the star tip, frost the cupcakes. Skewer the ships with the sails toward the front of the cupcake.

Sand Dollars
Materials: Round cookies, white frosting, slivered almonds, pastry decorating kit with medium round tip, milk or cream for thinning frosting

A note about the frosting: If you are thinning this type of pre-made frosting, it will not set up firmly. That was fine with me, because I did not plan on stacking the cookies. If you need to stack or transport your sand dollars, use royal icing instead. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/royal-icing-recipe-1941917

If you’re pressed for time, make these! I piped frosting in a circle to create a border edge. Then I mixed whipping cream into the frosting, one teaspoon at a time, until the frosting flowed smoothly.

Fill the center of the cookie, and add the almonds in a star shape.

Here’s your homework: Go fix some sweet treats, and see how often you can insert the word ‘drupelet’ into casual conversation! Have a great weekend!

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Rainbow Fruit with 3 Healthy Dips

You won’t miss the sugary cereal or rainbow colored candies this St. Patrick’s Day; these tasty treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and that of any visiting leprechauns! The fruit dips are all gluten free and two of them are nut free.

Rainbow Fruit Tray:
Choose any fruit that you enjoy in the colors of the rainbow. Cut into similar size pieces and arrange in ROYGBIV order.

Rainbow Skewers:
Starting with the purple fruit, guide it onto the pointed end of a 6″ wooden skewer. Slide the fruit toward the flat end, leaving about 1″ of skewer exposed. This will function as a handle. Work in rainbow order to the red fruit. If you’re using strawberries for ‘red’, be sure to leave enough space on the pointed end of the skewer to hold it securely.

Now on to the dips!

Peanut Butter Dip: I made this dip without any modifications. Try dipping red grapes in this one. It has all the flavor of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!


Chocolate Fruit Dip: I doubled the batch to make one cup. Instead of coconut sugar, I used honey. I left out the almond extract and added one teaspoon of Godiva chocolate liqueur. I sprinkled a few Lily’s chocolate chips for garnish. This dip is amazing with strawberries and orange slices.

We try to eat 90/10. 90% foods made in nature and 10% or less of foods made in a factory. These chocolate chips are part of that 10% and we enjoy them as an occasional treat.


Creamy Lemon Fruit Dip: I made this according to the recipe. It’s light, refreshing and just sweet enough. The recipe lists “lemon peel” under toppings where it should say “lemon zest”. I don’t think lemon peel would be very tasty mixed into this dip. Because this dip is not as thick as the others, it would be fantastic drizzled over a fruit salad or mixed berries.


Drizzle that lemon dip over this!

Please let me know what you think in the comments.
And I hope your St. Patrick’s Day is a happy one filled with all the shenanigans you can handle!

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Copyright 2019 © Arthurized Home – All Rights Reserved. This post is the original content of Arthurized Home. If you’re reading this on another site, it’s unArthurized.