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Nautical Gift Wrap

Here’s a quick and inexpensive way to add some interest to gift packages. Tie varied knots using lightweight rope instead of ribbon. In addition to being unusual, these embellishments are practical because they will not flatten during transport.

You will need:
Nautical theme gift wrap (Maritime designs, maps, paper in beachy, bright colors would work as well)
Gift Wrapping Tape
Nylon clothesline or other rope – $2
Spring Link – optional – I call them caribiners – $2
Lighter – optional
Large letter stickers and tags – optional

Unless you’re a knot-tying expert, (I’m knot! Get it? Heh.) watch the videos that I’ve linked below. You can play the video and pause when you needed, or click the right or left arrows to see one step at a time.

Bowline Knot – After I formed the first loop, I hooked the caribiner through the tail end of the rope.

I struggled with this knot until I realized that the loop looked like a lowercase “g”. Do you see it?

After I tied the bowline knot on one end of the caribiner, I wrapped the rope snugly around the package a few times. Then I tied another bowline knot at the other end of the caribiner. Push the knot close to the caribiner before tightening, so that the rope stays fairly tight around the package.

Careful adults only step:
I sealed the cut ends of the rope by melting them with a lighter. If you do this, please don’t set yourself (or anything else) on fire, and take care not to breathe fumes from melting plastic. Don’t attempt to seal the ends of cotton rope. We call those ‘candle wicks’.

Single Rope Braid – I didn’t know that you could form a braid like this with a single piece of rope. This braid is simple, so I added a paper tag with the recipient’s initial.

Carrick Bend Knot – Because I wanted the knot to lay flat, I doubled up the rope and did not tighten the knot down in the final step.

Use a square knot to tie the loose ends together on the underside of the package.

And there you have it! Simple nautical (knot-ical?) gift packages. I hope you will try this out. If you do, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or via email: arthurized dot home at gmail dot com

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