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Lucky St. Patrick’s Hoosier Cabinet

It’s very true in our 950 square foot cottage that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s central location means that we walk through here approximately eleventy-billion times a day. The Hoosier stands right in that passage, so when we’re not using it for food storage, I like to gussy it up for seasons and holidays.

I decided to pull together my meager collection of St. Pat’s decor along with all things ROYGBIV and see if I had enough to fill the Hoosier. Surely, my Fiestaware will do the job, right? Jerome the alpaca, and his rainbow unicorn girlfriend Celeste are both gifts from our niece, Mary. They’ll be our tour guides.

I pulled dishes, books and linens in every color of the rainbow and strung some fun miniature sphere lights. The lights are battery operated and have a 6 hour timer feature.

One year my sister and I swapped refrigerator boxes at Christmas. So funny!

My Hoosier Grandma’s vintage orange Fiestaware.

While we’re celebrating leprechauns, we might as well sneak some gilded unicorns in there too. This salt and pepper set was a gift from my cousin, Ruby. She gets me.

Since I wrote the post about removing rust from cast iron, Pa Kettle has snapped it up whenever he sees it at the flea market. I’ve got rusty cast iron stacked to the ceiling in the basement! He brought me this little cauldron and my initial thought was to tuck it away for Halloween, but I think it’s perfectly cute as a pot of gold.

Mr. Arthur was particularly interested in this addition to the Hoosier. He ate about 2/3 of these milk chocolate coins before I could photograph them! The leprechauns aren’t the only ones up to shenanigans around here.

The sparkle of the lights makes the Hoosier particularly magical at night.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour for St. Pat’s. I’ll leave you with the inscriptions from my collection of thrifted shamrock mugs.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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