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A Real Food Halloween Party – Part Three

Today’s post is filled with fiendish faces, as we continue our four-part series of real Halloween party foods. Click here for parts one and two if you missed them. I define real foods as made in nature, not in a factory. This includes minimally processed foods that are made with ingredients we recognize, and regularly use in our kitchens.

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the sugar buzz! These real food options are easy to prepare, fun to serve and only slightly creepy to eat.

Caprese Creatures
These fun creatures are more assembly than recipe. Adults can prepare the ingredients and kids can help with assembly. These are best made just before serving, or provide the ingredients, and let your guests assemble their own creatures.

You’ll need:
Fresh basil leaves
Tomatoes – I used Romas
Mozzarella Pearls
Sliced Olives – I used stuffed green olives because the pimiento slices add to the creepy factor.

Layer each creature in order: basil leaf, tomato slice, mozzarella pearl slices and olive/pimiento slices. Serve with optional toppings of balsamic reduction, salt/pepper and extra mozzarella pearls.

Is it just me, or do the tomato seeds look like tiny teeth in this dude’s grill?

Apple Atrocities
Assemble these shortly before the party so the apples don’t brown. I’ve included seed suggestions in case nuts allergies are a concern.

You’ll need:
Large Apples, quartered
Lemon juice for soaking the apples
Peanut Butter (or sunflower butter for nut-free)
Peanut halves (or sunflower seeds)
Almonds (or shelled pumpkin seeds – pepitas)

Quarter and core the apples and soak them in a solution of lemon water. I used 1 T. juice to one cup of water.

Thinly slice ‘tongues’ from the strawberries.

From the lower half of the apple wedge and without slicing through to the back, cut mouth openings. These should be large enough to contain peanut butter, a strawberry slice and a few peanut teeth.

Cut tiny pockets for the almond eyes. Eye sockets, if you will. Muahahaha!

Place the strawberry slice on top of the peanut butter, then jam a few peanut halves into the the upper part of the mouth. Make the little atrocities as snaggletoothed as you like. Add almonds for eyes, and your monsters are complete.

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Do you have Halloween plans? Whether you’re hosting or attending a party, I hope these ideas spark your creativity. Happy Halloween!

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