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Real Food Menu for Week of 3.2.2020

Are you better at eating real food when you keep healthy snacks on hand? For us, the key to cutting down on junk food has been simply this: Don’t have it in the house. Revolutionary, I know. There are very few cravings worth changing out of pajamas and leaving the house for. Thank God we don’t have grocery (or pizza!) delivery service out here in the country.

Having said that, sometimes you just get a hankerin’ for something a little sweet or a salty, crunchy snack. That’s why we add snacks and treats to our menus. I’m more than happy to munch on fresh veggies, hummus and parmesan chips if we have them ready to go when a craving hits.

Homemade Granola – New Recipe! We doubled the cinnamon because we’re maniacs that way and added a sprinkle of nutmeg. Mark likes his granola with coconut milk and banana slices, I like mine with Greek yogurt and fresh berries.

Weeknight Taco Soup – An old favorite, lightened up by substituting ground turkey for the beef. This tasty soup is great for meal prep because it keeps well in the fridge for a few days, or in the freezer for several weeks.


Cherry Tomato White Bean Salad – New Recipe! Can you say sensational, savory, and satisfying salad three times fast? You’re gonna need to. This one’s a dandy!

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup – What she lacks in visual appeal, she makes up for in flavor. Hubs loves this one.

Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef and Cheese – As per the Mediterranean Diet, we’re using ground turkey instead of ground beef. And since I’m not doing keto, I add a little cooked brown rice to the mixture. I bake these on a Silpat and don’t bother with the butter. These little crowd-pleasers freeze well.

Pickety Bits – This is the easiest dinner ever, and a great opportunity to clean out the fridge. There are no rules here. You know that half-eaten jar of pickles languishing in the fridge door? Use it up! Include a selection of fruits, fresh and pickled veggies, olives, meats, cheeses, nuts, crackers, dips and spreads. Dinner is served!

Parmesan Chips – Crunchy, salty and delicious! I scale this recipe to make 6 servings, scoop with a cookie scoop and bake on a silpat. These pair well with soups and/or Netflix binges.

Chocolate Almond Coconut Bites – New Recipe! This recipe made 18 bites. I added 1/4 tsp of salt to my batch. I’m going to experiment with using these as running fuel.

Have a great week, everyone!

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