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Inexpensive Boho Decor Refresh

Have you ever noticed that when you update one area of your home, other spaces in your house can look a little, well…tired by comparison? Just me? A few weeks ago when I finished our guest and beach bedding update, I realized that the throw pillows in our living room were looking a little sad.
Okay, a lot sad.
Broken zipper, sad.

In other news, these IKEA feather pillow inserts are hardworking, and awesome.
I’ve had them forever (15 years?!), and they look and function as good as new. Money well spent.

I wanted to update our living room without spending a lot of scratch, so when I lucked into a 70% off clearance sale at Pier 1, the heavens opened, the angels sang and so did their cash register. Actually, I averaged $8 each for these five pillows, so the singing was more of a faint warble.

I first spotted this pillow. Too much color? Pattern too crazy? I think not!

It’s just the right amount of crazy. Next, I spied the floral pillows and I knew that they would be BFFs. All that delicious beadwork. Those sequins and pom-poms.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: You can’t possibly take a nap on those pillows! You’ll have bead indentations pressed into your face for days afterward! Au contraire. These make perfectly fine napping pillows when you flip them over the the smooth back side. 100% tested and Arthurized.

Moving on.

Remember the rules for pattern mixing decor are the same as for your wardrobe. Let’s review:

Pull your color scheme from an inspiration piece. In this case, the floral pillow.

Colors do not need to match exactly, they should simply relate well to one another. Play nicely, kids! The magenta throw was packed away in my winter things, so I pulled it out for a pop of color on the sofa.

Mix prints in different scales.

Use texture for extra interest.

A pillow and throw update is a quick and inexpensive way to breathe new life into your decor. And if you need an even simpler refresh, a bouquet of flowers from the yard (or the grocery store) and a fragrant candle (I love Harmony Farms) will enliven any room of your home!

I’m not in partnership with any brands referenced in this post. I’m simply sharing products that I use and enjoy, and I hope you will like them too!

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An Island Inspired Bedding Refresh

Tybee Island, Georgia is on the short list of beaches I’d like to visit. And it’s all because of Jane Coslick. Are you familiar with her work? If not, please allow me to introduce you. For more than twenty years, Jane has been preserving Tybee Island one run-down property at a time. If you love cozy spaces and bright, beachy style, you’ll love her projects. She makes liberal use of white in every cottage, and then punches up the decor with happy color, coastal art and quirky style. She’s a design hero of mine.

What does Jane Coslick have to do with my bedding? My love for her style extends to the linens she selects for her cottages, and has heavily influenced this bedding refresh.

Here’s some of her work in this gorgeous bedroom:


And this beautiful master: *swoon*


A little of Jane’s fun pattern mixing:


When we visit the beach each summer, we bring our own linens. Partly because that feels more comfortable and we like to bring a little bit of home with us. But mostly because I’m too cheap to pay for rental bedding! As we returned home from the beach this year, I decided that it is time for a refresh of our beach bedding and time for some new guest bedding as well.

This is super simple pattern mixing: One large floral print, one medium size print on the quilt and solid color sheets and euro pillows. The pink sheets play nicely with both patterns, and the white ties everything together. I found the floral pillow and the quilt at HomeGoods. The pink sheets are tee-shirt knit and super soft. They’re from Belk.

Pro tip for the ladies: When you really, really, really want the fun, flamingo quilt; tell your husband that you’re shopping for leopard print instead. Suddenly, the flamingos seem reasonable and he won’t mind them quite as much!

And this is how to squeeze more guests into a 958 square foot cottage: Stack ’em up like cord wood!

The “rules” for pattern mixing home decor are the same as for your wardrobe.

1) Take your color scheme from an inspiration piece. In this case, the seashell pillow.

2) Select a neutral color and repeat it throughout your project. I’ve paired white quilts with white/aqua print sheets and accents of white in the decorative pillows.

3) Create a nice mix of large, medium and small patterns. Avoid pairing small with small, large with large, etc. If you’re mixing stripes, simply vary the width of them; pair wide stripes with narrow. Bonus points for adding texture in pillows and throws!

I hope this gives you some ideas for mixing and refreshing your own linens, or at least has you dreaming of warm, sunny beaches!

Sea shell print sheets: Belk
Sea shell/Pink stripe reversible pillows: Marshalls
Aqua linen pillow: HomeGoods
Multicolor stripe pillow: Ollie’s
Cotton quilts: Stein Mart
Textured Aqua Stripe pillow on couch: Tuesday Morning

I’m not in partnership with any brands mentioned here. I simply enjoy sharing good sources with my readers!

Copyright 2019 © Arthurized Home – All Rights Reserved. This post is the original content of Arthurized Home. If you’re reading this on another site, it’s unArthurized.