A Real Food Halloween Party – Part Two

Enter if you dare! I’m continuing a four part series on real Halloween party foods. I define real foods as made in nature, not in a factory. This includes minimally processed foods that are made with ingredients we recognize, and regularly use in our kitchens.

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the sugar buzz! Here are some real food options for your party that are easy to prepare, fun to serve and only slightly creepy to eat.

Deviled Eggs and Spider Eggs

Prepare deviled eggs according to the classic recipe here, or use your favorite recipe. I piped the filling using a dessert decorator for the spider eggs and used a cookie scoop to fill the deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs
Slice thin ‘horns’ from the curved ends of a red bell pepper. Mine are about an inch long. Place two horns into each filled egg half.

Spider Eggs
For the spider’s body, slice whole black olives in half lengthwise, and place one in the center of each filled egg half. Slice tiny slivers of black olives for the spider’s legs. You’ll need eight slices for each spider. Place them around the olive half to create the spider’s legs.

Panna Clotta
This mildly sweet, coconut milk dessert becomes Halloween party ready with the addition of a ‘clot’ of strawberry chia jam. This is a great make-ahead treat, because both the panna cotta and the jam need time to set up in the refrigerator. I prepared the jam by following this recipe. Be sure it is completely jelled, not runny.

The panna cotta recipe is an old favorite of ours. You can sweeten it however you like. We’ve tried honey, Swerve and monk fruit and they each taste just great. After the panna cotta has completely set up, place the chia jam on top. I used a one inch cookie scoop in order to create perfectly rounded ‘clots’. Yum.

I hope this provides some creative inspiration for your Halloween party. If you missed Part One of this series, you can read it here.

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