Packing the Car for Vacation – A Domestic Disturbance Avoidance Tip

There are very few events in life that I find more frustrating than trying to pack the car the night before a trip. I’m generally tired after a long day (or week) of work, distracted, maybe hungry, definitely cranky. Perhaps hubby is as well? Not a good dynamic.

To top that off, we’re over-packers. I don’t know why, but we load up like we’re vacationing in the hinterlands, not 10 minutes from a shopping center. We’ve tried to change our ways, but I’m not sure we can.

Imagine that late-night scene of us cramming stuff into the back of the car only to realize that it won’t all fit.
CUE: DEFCON 1 readiness

Here’s the good news. By using this one simple tip, we can avoid all of that drama: Pack and unpack for your trip ahead of time. Yep, I said unpack.

Do this a few days ahead, a week ahead, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to pack your clothes at some point, anyway. Might as well do it early.

Layer Five – Fully Loaded

After you’ve loaded the car with everything you’re taking, snap a picture of the trunk or cargo area using your phone’s camera.

Layer Four

Next, unload the car one layer at a time, taking a picture after each layer is removed.

Layer Three

This whole process of loading, photographing and unloading the car should not take very long; and it will save you from a massive headache when you’re ready to hit the road.

Layer Two

Simply pull out your phone, follow the photos starting with Layer One and re-pack the car.

Layer One – Don’t forget to pack the cargo cover!

You’ve got a handy reference on your phone for packing the car at the end of your vacation. You can hit the road relaxed, happy and have a great vacation!

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